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  • Why is Spin Maid™ so revolutionary?

    Actually, the spinning technology incorporated by Spin Maid™ is quite established by professional tech that is tried and true. What is completely new, is that never before has this proven cleaning and polishing technique been incorporated into an affordable, easy-to-use home unit.

    Any professional will tell you that if you want a deep clean on your floor, the process is straight forward. First, spray with a safe and comfortable solvent cleaner, select the correct pad for your machine and then buff. You could spend thousands of dollars on a professional machine, or hiring a service that will come to your home with a "high speed" machine. However, Spin Maid™ is the safe and consumer friendly alternative that puts the similar function and results right in the palm of your hands.

  • What is the Spray and Clean system as opposed to the Spray and Buff System?

    Simply put, with Spin Maid™ you have the option to utilize different pads to accomplish different outcomes just like the pros. Professional cleaning people have been utilizing the spray and clean system for years, because IT WORKS. Keep a bottle of your favorite cleaner handy and simply spray the area where you would like Spin Maid™ to clean. Whether you are deep cleaning or just doing a basic maintenance to remove dust and footprints the choice of cleaning pads is yours.

    If you elect to put down a polishing liquid, Spin Maid™ once again will go to work. When utilizing the micro fiber pad for any floor surface including soft woods, you will be amazed at the results and just how easy it is to polish and buff large or small areas with Spin Maid™.

  • How do I know which pads I should use on my floors?

    Compared to very expensive, heavy and bulky professional machines, with Spin Maid™ there really is no risk of scratching any floor surface with any of the offered pads. Professional spinning machines work in conjunction with the weight of the machine directly over the spinner along with very high speed motors. Your Spin Maid™ was designed very light and safe to use in your home over and over again.

    In your Spin Maid™ kit, there is a blue scruffer pad, which is similar to those that a professional cleaning service would utilize for deep cleaning. Use this pad on stone, tile & marble in order to provide that deep clean result. Using this pad to clean wood floors or laminates should be limited to shorter cleaning applications. Always monitor the results and switch to either the micro fiber pad for lighter cleaning as well as buffing/polishing.

    The Sponge Pad can be used all surfaces as well without the risk of eliminating surface shine or creating light scratches.

  • Should I always use a cleaner while using my Spin Maid™?

    Yes. Whether you’re cleaning or spray polishing for best results always align your cleaning process with a gentle cleaning agent or your favorite floor polishing liquid.

  • Are the included pads washable?

    Yes, your pads are designed to be used over and over again and are machine washable.

  • Is Spin Maid™ safe to use on soft wood, linoleum, and laminate floors?

    Yes, remember Spin Maid™ is a gentle slow speed machine.


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