All pads are washable and re-useable over and over

Invented and designed by a woman for all those that are looking for an easier way to clean!

Clean Out That Cleaning Closet! Lose all the misfit mops handles and pads.
All You Need is One Spin Maid™, Its like 5 tools in one!

  • Rechargable, cordless, Spin Maid™ will clean for up to an hour on ONE Charge
  • Dual spinning heads draw dirt out and do all the work so you don’t have to
  • Evenly polishes as it hovers over your floor surface
  • Great for those that suffer from arthritis
  • THE FUTURE of floor care is Now with Spin Maid™

200 RPM’s of Cordless Power Cuts Through Dirt and Grime Revealing a Beautiful Sparkle and Shine!

Cordless Power
Clean and Polish
Buff Surfaces
Removes dirt
Removes Stuck on Dirt


2 Shag Pads & 1 Bottle & Holster
Order Now!
Spin Maid™ Utilizes Proven and True Professional Spinning Technology
And Makes it Easy and Fun to Clean All Floor Surfaces!
Clean & Polish Like the Pros!

Those that see Spin Maid™ for the first time all say the same thing, “Where has this been and why hasn’t this product been made earlier?” Professional units utilize the same technology and have for years. Spin Maid™ brings the similar function at an affordable price to you and makes cleaning and polishing a whole lot easier. If you don’t already own a Spin Maid™, you truly don’t know what your missing. From the minute you turn it on the results will be obvious. The time savings is tremendous.

So many “mops”, “motorized spray mops” or even stick micro fiber floor cleaners miss the mark. With Spin Maid™ you will not need to fuss with batteries, proprietary liquid refills, or disposable paper refills. Ask any professional house cleaning service and they will tell you the best way to clean or polish is a pre-spray from a cleaner bottle with a cleaner of your choice and that’s why the folks from Spin Maid™ created the bottle holster that neatly nestles and attaches to your Spin Maid™ handle.

  • Spin Maid™ is definitely the cleaning sensation they say it is. I can not believe that this hasn’t been available till now because it has literally consolidated the way I clean. LOVE how easy it is with the spinning heads. Highly recommend it!!!!

    – Tina C, Orlando FL
  • Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! Easy to use, love the pads. Spin Maid™ is a great value too.

    – Melissa D, NJ
  • I actually bought Spin Maid™ because I fell in love with Amy but I must say that this product delivers. Amy is right, I always use a spray bottle and that scene with the all the handles falling out of the closet was me before I got this product. LOL …. Spin Maid™ works, 10 stars ************

    – Lea W, Mascotte FL
  • I actually own a professional cleaning service and when I saw Spin Maid™ on TV I almost choked. Why didn’t I think of that? I have been using floor orbiters for 20 years. Mine is on the way!!!

    – William T, Chicago IL
Amy Gives Us the Straight Scoop About Spin Maid™


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